Goals for 2017

Inspired by my good collegue in Norway, Christian Mohn, I have decided to write down my tech/geek goals for 2017.
And I will do a follow up in the end of 2017 to see how much of it I actually acheived.

  • Energy efficient Homelab
    In the beginning of December I sold my HP ML370 G5 server, which was my compute layer of my Homelab.
    My plan is to purchase a single Intel NUC (NUC6I3SYH) to replace the ML370.
    The home office has to be sacrificed in 2017, as the Wife and I are expecting our second child, a baby boy, in mid February.
    So the Homelab needs to be relocated, and because of the lack of rooms in our house, it will be relocated into the triangular roof space / attic eaves.
    I have already acquired a cheap 22U Rack cabinet, that can fit thru the attic door and be placed in there.

  • More blogposts
    I would like to be more active on this blog. My goal is at least 12 blogposts during the year.

  • VMUG presentation
    I would like to do a VMUG Presentation again this year, either locally in Denmark or in one of the neighboring countries.

  • Code sharing
    Code should be shared, so whatever code I write in 2017 I hope to share it. I will also keep pushing for my employrer Proact to do the same.

  • International conference
    I am hoping to be able to attend a international conference again this year, but with the baby boy on the way it may be difficult.

  • User Groups
    As a co-leader of two local user groups, my goal is of cause to keep them active.

    • Veeam User Group Denmark (VeeamUGDK)
      The normal plan for VeeamUGDK is two meetings per year, so that is the goal.

    • VMware Automation User Group Denmark (VMAUGDK)
      The VMAUGDK is more loosly defined, so the goal here is just a single meeting.

  • Podcast
    Hoping to either be invited to a podcast or “sneak” into one :-)

  • Blog sponsors
    My goal for this blog is to attract some blog sponsors, but to acheive that I need to rewrite the HTML structure and CSS of the blog.

  • vRealize Orchestrator Book Project
    Back in July 2016 I started a community book project on vRealize Orchestrator. For multiple reasons this project stalled. But I hope to be able to pick it up and restart it during 2017.

  • vExpert and Veeam Vanguard
    In 2016 I was selected to be both a vExpert and a Veeam Vanguard. My goal for 2017 is again to be part of these groups, but that is mainly based on activities in 2016. So the actual goal should be to keep up the “pace” so I hopefully also will acheive this in 2018.

  • Certifications
    I would like to take some certifications in 2017.

    • VMware VCAP
      I would like to at least take one of the two Cloud Management and Automation (CMA) VCAPs.

    • Veeam Certified Architect
      To become a Veeam Certified Architect, I need to take the “Veeam Certified Engineer - Advanced: Design & Optimization” exam.
      I already have the “Veeam Certified Engineer” certifications, which is also required to become a Veeam Certified Architect.

  • Book reading list
    I would like to read the following tech books in 2017: