Homelab - 2017 Mid


The purpose of this Homelab is to provide me with a platform to develop basic vRealize Orchestrator workflows, browse existing code/workflows in vRealize Orchestrator and do vRealize Orchestrator workflow/plugin development against phpIPAM.

Physical layout:



Public internet - hazenet.dk
Out on the public internet I have this website, which is hosted by One.com, they also provide DNS for my domain. In that DNS setup, I have a single record related to my lab/home/hourse, called “home.hazenet.dk”. That just points to my static public IP, so that I can VPN into my lab/home/house.

Homelab - both home.hazenet.dk and lab.hazenet.dk
These two DNS zones are hosted on my Synology NAS, using the Synology DNS server application.

VLANs and Subnets

I have devided the network into 3 VLANs:

  • VLAN 1 - Home network - IP scope
    Used for Wifi, laptops, iPads, iPhone, Synology NAS, UniFi USG, UniFi Switch 24 and UniFi Switch 8
  • VLAN 10 - Lab - IP scope
    Used for VMware ESXi on Intel NUC and lab VMs
  • VLAN 20 - Lab NFS - IP scope
    Used for NFS trafic between Synology NAS and Intel NUC


My compute power comes from a single Intel NUC (NUC7i3BNH), with the following specs:


I have a Synology DS1813+, 8-bay NAS, which currently have 4x WD Red Pro 2TB drives and it has been upgrade to the max of 4GB Memory. It provides the following things: