Goals for 2017 - Half Way

So we have now passed the half way mark of the year, so I thought at a follow up on my blogpost about my Goals for 2017 would be in order... Continue reading

Getting started with Automation and Orchestration

A lot of IT people are looking at automation and orchestration as a way to do more with less. Or to be able to deliver what the business needs faster. But many forget one of the biggest benefits of having automated a process, and that is that the process needs to be standardised first, for the automation project to be successful. Automation through standardisation brings consistency and easier operations of the items being automated.

Many businesses that get started with automation have a tendency to want to automate everything in one big project... Continue reading

Add Notes to Alerts in vRealize Operations via REST API

As part of a larger project for a customer, I needed to add Notes to Alerts in vRealize Operations, via the REST API.

According to the REST API documentation of vRealize Operations, found at:


The request should be a POST against:


Where {id} is the ID of the Alert, you want to add the Note to.

But the vRealize Operations REST API documentation is faulty, which made using it somewhat difficult... Continue reading

Veeam Cloud Connect repository not showing up

The other day we had a customer having some issues with a Veeam Cloud Connect repository not showing up after connecting to our Veeam Cloud Connect service.

The customer had previously tested our service, and was now signing up for good. The account they used for testing had recently been deleted, so the customer was provided a new account and a fresh Veeam Cloud Connect Repository.

When the customer signed in with the newly provided credentials, the sign in work as expected, but the Veeam Cloud Connect repository did not show up in the customers list of repositories... Continue reading

vExpert 2017

I am very honored to have been awarded vExpert status another year.

The official list was announced on Wednesday, and can be seen here:
vExpert 2017 Announcement

I would like to say thanks to VMware and the people behind the vExpert program... Continue reading

The troubles of resetting IP on APC Network Management Card

I recently purchased a used APC Smart-UPS 1000 (SU1000) and a used APC Network Management Card (AP9619), each from separate sellers. So the amount of information and accessories was limited.

APC Smart-UPS 1000

APC Smart-UPS 1000

As a result I did not know the IP address of the APC Network Manamangement Card.

No big deal, was my initial thought. Oh how I was wrong... Continue reading

Veeam Vanguard 2017

I am very humbled and honoured to announce that I for the third year in a row have been selected to be part of the Veeam Vanguard program.

... Continue reading

Goals for 2017

Inspired by my good collegue in Norway, Christian Mohn, I have decided to write down my tech/geek goals for 2017.
And I will do a follow up in the end of 2017 to see how much of it I actually acheived... Continue reading

Executing Actions in vRealize Orchestrator

In vRealize Orchestrator it is always best to make your code modular, either as individual Workflows or as Actions. Actions is structured in Modules (which in the vRealize Orchestrator client is shown as folders)

The normal way to execute a action is like this:

actionResult = System.getModule("com.vmware.library.date").addHoursToDate(date,hours);

To break this down a bit... Continue reading

Adding SSL to the Homelab - Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch Lite

First thing is to generate a CSR for the Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch Lite 24 port (firmware version 1.5.0) device, using OpenSSL on e.g. a laptop.

openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -out switch_home_hazenet_dk.csr -keyout switch_home_hazenet_dk.key -subj "/C=DK/ST=Jylland/L=Hedensted/O=Hazenet/OU=Home/CN=switch.home.hazenet.dk"

The options used in the command are... Continue reading