Veeam Vanguard 2017

I am very humbled and honoured to announce that I for the third year in a row have been selected to be part of the Veeam Vanguard program.

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Goals for 2017

Inspired by my good collegue in Norway, Christian Mohn, I have decided to write down my tech/geek goals for 2017.
And I will do a follow up in the end of 2017 to see how much of it I actually acheived... Continue reading

Executing Actions in vRealize Orchestrator

In vRealize Orchestrator it is always best to make your code modular, either as individual Workflows or as Actions. Actions is structured in Modules (which in the vRealize Orchestrator client is shown as folders)

The normal way to execute a action is like this:

actionResult = System.getModule("").addHoursToDate(date,hours);

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Adding SSL to the Homelab - Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch Lite

First thing is to generate a CSR for the Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch Lite 24 port (firmware version 1.5.0) device, using OpenSSL on e.g. a laptop.

openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -out switch_home_hazenet_dk.csr -keyout switch_home_hazenet_dk.key -subj "/C=DK/ST=Jylland/L=Hedensted/O=Hazenet/OU=Home/"

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Adding SSL to the Homelab - Ubiquiti EdgeRouter PoE

As described in Adding SSL to the Homelab - Using StartSSL Free Class 1 Certificates, I am going to use certifactes from StartSSL to secure my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter PoE.

Let’s start by generating a CSR for my Ubiquiti EdgeRouter PoE (firmware version 1.8.5) device, using OpenSSL on e.g. a laptop... Continue reading

Adding SSL to the Homelab - Using StartSSL Free Class 1 Certificates

As can be seen in my Homelab documentation I use a subdomain ( of my public domain (, for the “always-on” part of my home and lab equipment.

Because of this, it is possible for me to use CA signed certificates from StartSSL.

StartSSL offers both paid and free certificates... Continue reading

These are not the Network Profiles you're looking for

The other day I was working on a customers vRealize Automation platform, and faced a frustrating problem related to Network Profiles... Continue reading

Catching up on 9 months of Veeam stuff

So in the past roughly 9 months a lot of things have happened for me related to Veeam.


Rasmus Haslund and I started the Veeam User Group in Denmark, with the first meeting on Friday the 13th of March 2015.

We had a great attendance of 63 people and gotten Rick Vanover to fly in from USA to give a session.

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Vote for Danish VMworld Sessions

If you have not already voted for your preferred VMworld sessions, please consider the following sessions which have been submitted by people for VMUG Denmark (my self included).

Voting is open until May 26 at 11:59pm PDT
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The next adventure awaits

Last Thursday, was my last day at Businessmann A/S.
When I started at Businessmann A/S on September 1st 2013 as a Consultant, I was rather inexperienced in the World of Virtualization.

Since then I have passed several certifications, met a lot of people and experienced even more... Continue reading