Last half of VMworld 2014

Today is the last day of VMworld 2014 in Barcelona, but what have happened in the last couple of days, let’s have a look…

Tuesday, I spent almost the whole day just talking and socializing in the Hang Space, the Solutions Exchange and at the Bloggers table.

We from Businessmann had arranged for a private dinner for our customers at Restaurant La Gavina, from where we afterwards walked to Shôko Club where Veeam held an amazing party, although the music was very loud so it was a little difficult to talk at some points... Continue reading

Start of VMworld 2014

So back at VMworld, even through it was not the plan.

Got a call from my colleague Heino Skov last monday, that I was going.

So great opportunity, but tight schedule getting ready.

My company, Businessmann, have arranged a trip to VMworld 2014 in Barcelona, like last year... Continue reading

VMUG Presentation – Basic configuration of ESXi using PowerCLI

Here is a quick post with the slides and the script I used in my VMUG Presentation 18th september 2014 in Aarhus, Denmark.

As the presentation was in danish, so are the slides :-)... Continue reading

VCAP-DCA, Completed successfully

My exam story:

I sat my VMware VCAP-DCA exam on Monday 15th of September, at Arrow ECS’ Test Center in Ballerup, Denmark, at 09.30am.

I had scheduled it for 10.00am, but as the Test Center is a 240km drive away, I of cause left home very early Monday morning to be safe.

And because there was no issue with traffic, I arrived in good time, and was given the option to start my exam early.

About one hour into my exam, the connection to the remote lab environment broke down... Continue reading

Book Review – Learning Veeam Backup & Replication for VMware vSphere


I have received this book as a free review sample, with the only requirement that I would write a review of it here on my blog and post short reviews of it on, and These should be unbiased and I was in no way obligated to write positive reviews.

The book is available in both eBook and Print versions from Packt Publishing... Continue reading

My first VMUG presentation

I did my first VMUG presentation at the Danish VMUG meeting on April 3., in Palads Biograf in Copenhagen.

For a summary of the day, go read Terkel Olsen’s blogpost: “Great VMUG Meeting in Denmark

My subject/title was “100% virtualized on Apple hardware”, which I had 30 minutes to talk about. I was scheduled as the second speaker of the day, just a short break after Tommy Drægert from BitDefender.

I had done some presentations before, for maybe 30-35 people.

At the Danish VMUG meeting there were around 100 people in the cinema, so I was naturally a little nervous... Continue reading

vExpert 2014

I am very proud to say that I’ve been honored with becoming a vExpert 2014.

The official list was announced yesterday, and can be seen here:
vExpert 2014 Announcement

I would like to say thanks to VMware and the people behind vExpert.

A thanks should also go to the following... Continue reading

Virtualize OS X using vSphere on Mac hardware - Part 3

A VM running OS X can be cloned or turned into a template just like any other VM. But for OS X there is no vSphere/ESXi integrated “sysprep” tool. So when a clone is made, it is a 100% clone, the only thing that changes is the hardware (new Network MAC address and new virtual hardware serial).

As far as I see it, there are 3 ways around this problem... Continue reading

Virtualize OS X using vSphere on Mac hardware - Part 2

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Unlike Microsoft Windows, Apple’s OS X is not licensed per physical CPU socket, but it is instead generally licensed per OS instance.

But it depends on the version of the OS, how it was purchased and what the usage is.

To understand how a license for OS X is permitted to be used, it is recommended to read “Section 2” of the “Software License Agreement” for the specific version of OS X or OS X Server... Continue reading

Virtualize OS X using vSphere on Mac hardware - Part 1

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In this 3 part blog-series I will provide some information about how to virtualize OS X using vSphere on Mac hardware.

Considering the following questions:

  • What is required to vitualize OS X?
  • Which hardware is supported, and which hardware works?
  • How to license OS X in a virtual environment?
  • What are best practices for running OS X in a virtual environment?
  • How to safely deploy OS X from a template?
  • How to backup OS X in a virtual environment?

What is required to vitualize OS X?

Basically the requirements are same as with any another OS.

  • A computer/server
  • A hypervisor
  • An installer for the Guest OS... Continue reading