Some advise on deploying the Kerio Control Virtual Appliance

At my workplace, Artwork Systems Nordic A/S, we have previously used the Kerio Control Box 3110, as our firewall.

But do to that we have virtualized the main part of our servers, we decided to do the same with our firewall... Continue reading

Examining Kerio Control Traffic Rules, by converting them to HTML

The other day I came across a script written by Tony Lawrence (Link) to convert an exported winroute.cfg configuration from Kerio Control firewall, to HTML, so that it was easier to examine the rules from the firewall, instead of looking at them directly in the configuration file or by loading them into your our firewall.

The idea is very good, especially if your are a consultant for multiple businesses running Kerio Control firewalls. But the script was not perfect, seen with my own eyes... Continue reading