Last half of VMworld 2014

Today is the last day of VMworld 2014 in Barcelona, but what have happened in the last couple of days, let’s have a look…

Tuesday, I spent almost the whole day just talking and socializing in the Hang Space, the Solutions Exchange and at the Bloggers table.

We from Businessmann had arranged for a private dinner for our customers at Restaurant La Gavina, from where we afterwards walked to Shôko Club where Veeam held an amazing party, although the music was very loud so it was a little difficult to talk at some points.

On Wednesday I had a single session, “INF1192 - Ask the Experts : Design Advice for Small and Midsize Business”. I also did a Hands-On-Lab, which was “HOL-SDC-1403 - VMware NSX Introduction”. And else I just moved around talking to a few vendors and socializing in general.

Wednesday night was the official VMworld Party, where Simple Minds was the main event. There was some nice food at the Party, but because we arrived a little late, the amount of food was somewhat limited. After the VMworld Party, we headed to Opium, with around 35 other people from Denmark, with the people from Arrow ECS Denmark being the host of the party and the drinks (Thanks by the way).

Later on we were joined by Joe Baguley, Paul Strong, Robin Matlock, Rawlinson Rivera, Eric Sloof, Jemery van Doorn and Corey Romero. I had some very good talks with all of them during the party.

So here we are, the last day of VMworld 2014, and today I will just take it slow, and we will be heading to the airport at 2:30pm this afternoon.

So thanks to everyone for a awesome VMworld conference, and thanks for all the great talks.

I hope I will be able to attend VMworld again in the coming years.