Goals for 2017 - Results

2017 has come to an end, and it is therefor time to look back on my goals for the year. Generally speaking I did not succeed with all my tech related goals of 2017 as documented below.
But on the personal side a lot of other things have happened, the wife and I had a son in February, whom is thriving. Our daughter now almost 7 years old, started school last summer and have been very happy with it.
And on top of that we had a very long remodelling of our livingroom, which is now almost finished... Continue reading

Nordic VMUG Conference

Once again the Danish VMUG Leaders have arranged for a big Nordic VMUG Conference. And it is only a few days away. Namely it will be held on Thursday 11th of January at the movie theater inside Fields shopping mall in Copenhagen.

The conference will be a great mix of both “superstar” international speakers and local communitity speakers.
I will do a community session called “Create scalable and reusable Code in vRealize Orchestrator”... Continue reading

Get expiration date of a vRA Request in a vRO EBS Workflow

A customer of mine wanted to do automatic documentation of deployed dev and test machines in vRA7, by creating a subpage in Confluence for each deployed machine.

One piece of information the customer wanted in the documentation was the initial expiration date of the deployed machine.

I wanted to do the documentation as part of one of the EBS lifecycle workflows in vRO.

But the expiration date is not in the Request, and it’s not in the Machine Properties... Continue reading

New energy efficient Homelab

I changed my Homelab over the course of this year.
In December I sold my old HP ML370 G5 server, which only occasionally was powered on, because of the noise and power.

So I wanted something more managable and energy efficient, that could be left powered on 24/7.

The main purpose of the small Homelab I decided on, was to have a vRealize Orchestrator “coding-rig”.
Mainly focused on vRealize Orchestrator plug-in development, to extend on my previous workflow/package work around phpIPAM.

I have documented the Homelab here: Homelab - 2017 Mid

vRA 7.3 "No valid endpoints found in the Management Agent's configuration"

So I messed up. I tried to be clever and failed at it.
I was deploying vRealize Automation 7.3, and as part of the deployment needed to change the SSL Certificates of the deployment.

In vRealize Automation 7.x there are at least 3 places SSL Certicates needs to be replaced/updated:

  • vRealize Automation CAFE Appliance
  • vRealize Automation IaaS Windows Server
  • vRealize Automation Appliance Management Site Certificate (VAMI)

The first 2 are done as part of the deployment, and are later on replacable from the VAMI UI of the vRealize Automation Appliance.

The Appliance Management Site Certificate it self, needs to be changed by logging via SSH and replace the cert file:

... Continue reading

Jekyll to Twitter with Hashtags using Atom feed and Zapier

I have previously used IFTTT to push new blogpost onto Twitter and LinkedIn. But I was not 100% happy, so I recently switched to Zapier instead.

As part of the initial setup process at Zapier, I noticed that Zapier of cause pulled the relevant fields from my Atom feed, but also pulled some basic information directly from my website.

In this case, it pulled the Tags associated with the blogpost, although it called the field “raw_category”... Continue reading

Goals for 2017 - Half Way

So we have now passed the half way mark of the year, so I thought at a follow up on my blogpost about my Goals for 2017 would be in order... Continue reading

Getting started with Automation and Orchestration

A lot of IT people are looking at automation and orchestration as a way to do more with less. Or to be able to deliver what the business needs faster. But many forget one of the biggest benefits of having automated a process, and that is that the process needs to be standardised first, for the automation project to be successful. Automation through standardisation brings consistency and easier operations of the items being automated.

Many businesses that get started with automation have a tendency to want to automate everything in one big project... Continue reading

Add Notes to Alerts in vRealize Operations via REST API

As part of a larger project for a customer, I needed to add Notes to Alerts in vRealize Operations, via the REST API.

According to the REST API documentation of vRealize Operations, found at:


The request should be a POST against:


Where {id} is the ID of the Alert, you want to add the Note to.

But the vRealize Operations REST API documentation is faulty, which made using it somewhat difficult... Continue reading

Veeam Cloud Connect repository not showing up

The other day we had a customer having some issues with a Veeam Cloud Connect repository not showing up after connecting to our Veeam Cloud Connect service.

The customer had previously tested our service, and was now signing up for good. The account they used for testing had recently been deleted, so the customer was provided a new account and a fresh Veeam Cloud Connect Repository.

When the customer signed in with the newly provided credentials, the sign in work as expected, but the Veeam Cloud Connect repository did not show up in the customers list of repositories... Continue reading